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Fabric Choices: Which One is Right For You?

Today’s vast selection of polo styles and fabrics mean that comfort without compromise of function or safety is more than possible — it’s a reality. But what’s the difference between all of these polos? With all of the choices out there, it’s more difficult to decide which polo is right for you. It all comes down [...]

How do you want your coffee? Written by Bob Weisskopf from Law Enforcement Today!

How do you want your coffee? Police officers are some very colorful characters. Look around at your fellow officers. You have some of the most colorful people standing at roll call with you that you will ever meet. Perhaps these colorful people are drawn to the job or perhaps the job [...]


Written By: Bob Weisskopf on behalf of Law Enforcement Today For most police departments in the US, the last hundred years have been a time without beards. Mustaches were allowed if trimmed down to a uniform standard. Haircut standards have had more flexibility than facial hair. In many departments, the only [...]

Fentanyl: Challenges as a First Responder & How to Protect Yourself

When you decide on a career as a first responder, be it police, fire, or medic, you understand the many dangers associated with this calling. Today there is a new danger to add to the list: Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic drug that is manufactured primarily in China and Mexico, and [...]

Everybody Say Cheese: 10 Tips to a Successful Team Photo

Your team has trained and worked hard together to the point you are each other’s second family. It’s only natural to want a group photo to save for posterity, but sometimes no one wants to pay for a professional photographer. That means the job goes to the most photographically inclined person [...]

Police Preppers: 10 Precautions You Should Take Today

In Law Enforcement, you never know when a typical day will suddenly go south. A simple stop at a convenience store might turn into a full-on, hand-to-hand ambush. A call-out on a rural, icy back road might spin into hours stranded in the snowy night. In addition to the usual lists [...]

What Law Enforcement Officials Need During a Flu Pandemic

What is a pandemic exactly? An influenza pandemic occurs when a new strand of the influenza virus comes out and the population has little to no immunity to it; and there is possibly no vaccine yet for it. The disease will spread quickly and cause illness or even death. A pandemic [...]

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Tips for Handling Stress in Law Enforcement

Working as a law enforcement officer can certainly be a satisfying and rewarding job. However, it can just as easily be a stressful one. Working in law enforcement places a lot of responsibility and burdens on one’s shoulders, and sometimes it’s hard to remember that we are only human and sometimes [...]

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4 Tips for Preventing Household Fires

October serves as National Fire Prevention Month, which means it’s a good time to make sure you’re doing your best to help prevent fires in your home and in other areas of your daily life. One of the most dangerous forms of a surprise fire is a house fire, as it [...]

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