System Jackets are the All-Season Outerwear Solution

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System Jackets are the All-Season Outerwear Solution

System Jackets are the All-Season Outerwear Solution


Your uniform requirements change like the weather. Actually, they change with the weather. You might begin your shift under blue skies and sunshine, and by noon respond to a traffic collision in freezing rain. What’s a first responder to do? There’s not enough room in the closet, or the budget, for a dedicated piece of outerwear to suit all weather conditions. Or is there?


Enter the System Jacket, the swiss army knife of outerwear. A System Jacket can meet most of the weather-related challenges you’re likely to face. These jackets may be offered for sale as a complete system, or as separates that allow you purchase only what you need. System components, either attached or worn separately, are designed to work together to provide optimum comfort, visibility and protection.


These all-season performers are like having multiple jackets in one, providing interchangeable options. Basically, all system jackets consist of a mid-weight outer shell, and a lighter weight inner shell. Each can be worn separately, or zipped together to create a heavy-weight jacket for colder weather. Some systems even include zip-off sleeves, converting the inner shell into a vest for even more versatility.


The genius of the zip-together System Jacket is the customized level of layering that it allows. It quickly adjusts to match your activity level and the weather conditions. Pull one jacket out of the closet and change on the fly. System components work seamlessly together, providing you with a year-round garment that transitions smoothly as conditions change. Layers can be easily added or subtracted for the ultimate in multi-weather defense.


As a general rule, the system shell is made of wind- and water-resistant nylon, making it an effective mid-weight jacket or windbreaker. Liners are commonly constructed of fleece, perfect for a lightweight, standalone jacket. Some systems may feature a parka shell, often with a removable hood. For on-duty wear, many systems incorporate side zips to allow fast access to side arms. Whatever weather you may face, there’s a system jacket that can meet your needs.

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