In A Split Second Your Life Can Change Forever

//In A Split Second Your Life Can Change Forever

In A Split Second Your Life Can Change Forever

WRITTEN BY: Sheena Carach


In a split second your life can change forever…for the good or the bad. In my case, my life as I knew it completely changed in August of 2016, after a chance encounter with four Sheriff’s deputies. My youngest child, who could easily be labeled as “Law Enforcements Biggest Cheerleader,” decided that he wanted to thank every single Police Officer in America and give them their favorite treat…DONUTS!!!


Sure, I could have brushed this off or easily said no, but he was passionate about this request and the years of teaching him that he could accomplish anything he believed he could came rushing back all at once. There was one option and one option only…We, as parents, would do whatever we possibly could to support him in achieving his goal…to serve and support those who serve us daily!


We jumped in feet first, without a clue as to what we should expect and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Over the course of the past 16 months, we have been honored to be in the company of amazing LEOs in 28 states. Tyler has handed out over 50,000 donuts and with each donut and thank you, the reaction is the same. True and pure gratefulness! Not for the donut, although some may beg to differ, but for the thought behind that sprinkle covered or Boston Kreme filled power ring.


These men and women sacrifice every day and are all to often taken for granted or under appreciated. I have had the opportunity to stand on the sidelines and watch my son truly make a difference in their lives by reminding them why they do what they do every second of every day and letting them know that people still care about them even on their hardest and darkest days!


It is the most rewarding feeling to have a grown man or woman approach me, hug me and thank me for raising such an “amazing” child.; A child who respects and admires what they do and who one day hopes to serve beside them. There was one day in particular we were driving to an event in Louisiana. It was about 3am and we stopped for gas when my Tyler saw a policeman a couple pumps down. He grabbed a thank you card and ran over to him, shook his hand and thanked him. I had walked inside to get some coffee after this and the Officer came in and asked me if that was my child…Yes sir!


I will never forget his words to me, “ thank you, I had a really hard night tonight and I was questioning why do I do this anymore, and he just reminded me why.” 


So this is our why…when people ask why do we do this? Why do we as parents support this? The real question is why wouldn’t we?


We have had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, to show them the appreciation they deserve, to see the smiles and the tears of joy, to have our son surrounded by his role models and his heroes, to witness him grow in character and as a person!


So why you ask? Because we back the blue and they need to see support now more than ever!


From our family to yours…stay safe out there and always know we have your backs!

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