Prepare Your Pets for a Natural Disaster

//Prepare Your Pets for a Natural Disaster

Prepare Your Pets for a Natural Disaster

Often times, when considering the potential of a disaster, it’s easy to focus on what the best course of action is for survival. After all, in case of an emergency it makes sense to look after yourself, your friends, and your family if anything were to happen. However, many people fail to take into account their pets in these situations, which can result in preventable stress and frustration or worse. Here are a few tips that will help you make sure your animal companion will have an excellent chance for survival in case of an emergency.

Create an Emergency Bag for your Pet bowl-with-dry-food-for-dog-or-cat-

It seems pretty standard to create a bug-out-bag for yourself and each of your family members, so why not your pet? Keeping a small duffel bag filled with the necessary items essential for your pet’s short term survival will go a long way towards being prepared for an immediate evacuation. Make sure to include items like food, a water bowl, a collar and leash, medications, a toy, as well as a disposable bag or receptacle for waste. It’s also worth considering getting a bag that your pet can carry themselves, if they are able to. That added weight can be difficult to carry and any load off your back is going to be a welcome sensation.

Locate Pet Friendly Shelters meggie-bw

In the event you might need to evacuate to a shelter, make sure you check which ones allow animals. Not all shelters allow pets due to some state health and safety regulations, so rather than being left out on the doorstep check your local shelters beforehand. In addition make sure you bring your pet’s bed, blanket, or carrier/kennel. Having these items can reduce your animal’s stress and keep them feeling comfortable. A carrier or kennel can also help reduce outside noises and keep your pet from running away. This same advice goes for staying in a hotel or motel, should your reason for leaving the home be less immediate.

Tag and ID Your Pet cute-golden-retriever

Make sure your pet is properly microchiped or tagged beforehand. There is always the chance of you and your animal being separated, or having to leave your pet at a location when you don’t know when you’ll return. Keeping your personal information with your animal will make sure that when the emergency has passed you will be able to find them with much greater ease. In addition to this, it’s worth your time to make sure your animal is properly immunized, particularly in the event you will leave your home. You never know what your animal will run into in the outdoors, so taking precautions for the health beforehand could save you a lot of hassle.
While they’re often a key component of our families, most pets can have difficulty surviving without a lot of help from their owners. It’s up to you to take the initiative and prepare for their sake just as you would your own.

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