Tommie Copper: Science Behind the Compression Apparel

//Tommie Copper: Science Behind the Compression Apparel

Tommie Copper: Science Behind the Compression Apparel

Tommie Copper is a brand of compression apparel that is infused with copper, designed to relieve pain in areas where worn. Their line-up consists of compression sleeves for the ankle, calf, knee, wrist and elbow, as well as men and women’s compression shorts and shirts. Tom Kallish, who claims to have created the brand after finding more traditional compression wear to be uncomfortable, founded the compression wear. While compression wear is often advocated for and used by athletes, Tommie Copper bridges the gap between athletic performance and pain relief, and may help alleviate some of the stress from overworked joints and muscles.


How does Tommie Copper work?

Tommie Copper works on two fronts; as compression wear and with copper infusion. Compression wear is made with elastic and tight-fitting fabrics that mold to various parts of the body. This is supposed to increase blood and lymphatic flow. This is meant to improve body performance and expedite the recovery of injuries. As for the copper infusion, it has long been a source for warding off bacteria. In fact, early sailors would coat the undersides of their ships with copper to prevent sea creatures and barnacles from growing on them. In much the same way, copper insulates the body from outside dirt and grime. Tommie Copper also claims that their copper and zinc infused compression wear helps the healing process of the body.


Most importantly, though, is that Tommie Copper promotes comfort. Tommie Copper claims that the healing process is supported by consistent use of their compression wear. This echoes Tom Kallish’s original idea of wanting to make the most comfortable compression wear possible.

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