Quick Workouts for the Busy Officer

//Quick Workouts for the Busy Officer

Quick Workouts for the Busy Officer


The most common excuse for missing a workout session, is because “you just don’t have the time.” As a police officer, fitting in the time to workout might be difficult, but it is absolutely necessary. Instead of just sitting around on the bench press doing rep after rep with a five-minute rest in-between, here are some of the best exercises, whether you’re a town cop, state trooper, or SWAT.

1. Sandbag Clean and Press

Start in a quarter-squat position with both hands gripping a sandbag and the sandbag resting softly on the ground. Explosively stand up as you bring your elbows up, then sweep them under the sandbag so it rests on your chest. Pause for a second, then straighten your arms up as you shoulder press the sandbag overhead. That’s one rep.

2. Partner Glute-Ham Raise

Kneel on the ground (preferably on some kind of mat) with a partner holding your lower legs down to the ground. Keeping your core engaged slowly lower yourself (about two to three seconds) until you are in a push up position. Push yourself back up to the starting position and repeat.

3. Swiss Ball Knee Drive/Pike

Get into a push up position with your feet on top of a Swiss ball (stability ball) and your core engaged. For the knee drives, simply bring your knees to your chest in a controlled motion, slowly returning back to the starting position. For a more advanced variation, keep your legs straight as you drive them forward to form an inverted V with your body, pause for a moment, then return back to normal.

4. Walk the Plank

Start in a push up position with your toes on two weights or Valslides. Slowly walk your hands forward, one-by-one, as you try to keep your hips as straight as possible by keeping your core engaged throughout the entire movement. For a more advanced variation, bring your elbows down to the ground and slowly walk your elbows forward, maintaining good hip control and core stability.

5. Rope/Towel Pull Up

Hang a rope or towel on one side of a pull up bar. Grip the rope/towel with one hand and place the other in the standard pull up position. Pull your chest towards the bar, pause for a second, then return back to the starting position. Switch hands after each set.

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