Vintage Photographs of Female Firefighters

//Vintage Photographs of Female Firefighters

Vintage Photographs of Female Firefighters

Thank you Buzzfeed for bringing these exquisite photographs to the public’s attention in the viral article “25 Stunning Vintage Photographs of Female Firefighters.” Women have been firefighters for longer than most people realize: in fact, for almost 200 years. Luckily, this article provides proof of these historic accomplishments in women’s history. Here are the top 10 photographs we’ve selected as our favorites.

1. 1916, The UK Women’s Fire Brigade takes a salute.

women's brigade


2. 1916, Conducting a drill with hoses and extinguishers.

womens brigade 3


3. 1916, Putting a fire escape into position.



4. 1926, A member of the Achille Serre Ladies Fire Brigade in London.



5. 1928, A rescue drill in progress.



6. 1939, An AFS member during morning inspection at a Manchester fire station.



7. 1941, Women train at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard during WWII.



8. 1941, Training at the UK’s Royal Northern Hospital in Holloway practice for blitz fires.



9. 1938, a female firefighter models a new uniform.



10. 1942, Training at the Imperial War Museum Fire Fighting School


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