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3 great gifts for first responders under $17


It’s the holiday season again and a good time to start thinking about little stocking stuffers that might be appropriate for police officers, fire fighters and others in public safety.

There are a lot of great options – gadgets, tools and other tactical gear that can be had without breaking the holiday budget. At Galls, we carry a variety of items that would make perfect gifts – many of them at $17 and below.

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3 Great Gifts for Under $17


1 – Duty Socks with Extra padding in the toe and heel:

Who doesn’t need a good pair of comfortable socks, especially for someone who’s on their feet all day. Extra padding in the toe and heel offer a thicker layer of protection and make an impact on the way feet and toes feel at the end of a long work day.

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2 – Crossfire safety sunglasses:

An extra pair of sunglasses – or a back up pair – can really come in handy. The active work style and lifestyle of most law enforcement professionals means that the opportunity for broken or lost sunglasses is increased. A back up pair is a solid gift.

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3 – Hearing Protection:

Active duty officers in all parts of public safety are bound to be in noisy situations. It’s nice to be able to “tune out” or dampen the surrounding noise. These novel earplugs won’t get lost either – they’re connected by a band that can be worn around the neck – and being bright orange, they’re hard to miss.

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For more gift ideas for cops, firemen and other public safety officers, visit Galls.com.


On Your Feet All Day? Make Your Job More Comfortable With These Galls Solutions!

Are you on your feet all day? Do you do a lot of standing, walking and running?

If you’re like most police officers, fire fighters, EMS or other first responders the amount of time spent on your feet is pretty substantial. And not only are you doing the usual standing, walking and running but you’re probably doing those things while squatting, lifting, twisting and more. Your feet take a pounding. Galls can help!

As we all know, foot pain – and the possibility of associated back pain – is simply not enjoyable. But there are some simple solutions to making your job more comfortable.

Are you wearing supportive socks?

Finding the right sock for your job and the right sock for your shoe or boot is extremely important. Your sock offers a protective level of support between your foot and the harder, rougher interior of your footwear. A thicker, more cushioned sock can bring comfort and stability to your feet.

What should you look for in a supportive sock?

  • Softness and cushioning without a ‘bulky’, ‘heavy’ or ‘bunching’ feelingCushion Sock Support
  • Socks that help keep your feet warm and dry
  • Fabric that pulls moisture away from your skin
  • Additional arch support to reduce foot fatigue and help with circulation
  • Socks that can add a level of shock absorption and foot protection
  • Socks that neutralize the microbes that cause odor
  • Socks that allow for proper blood circulation (i.e., not tight or binding)
  • Are you buying the correct size?

Here are two supportive socks that we carry at Galls.

Along with the proper socks, shoe or boot inserts can offer short-term and long-term benefits to your feet. Inserts – or insoles – can provide all-day comfort and support. Like your sock, they should provide a supportive cushion that ‘gives’ or softly wraps around the foot.
You’re searching for a little spring or bounce – the aptly named shock absorption! All of these elements help reduce foot fatigue throughout a working day. Generally, you can feel an instant difference when first wearing an insole in your boot.
What should you look for in a supportive insole?
  • Check to make sure the insole fits in your boots or work shoes – you don’t want to have to ship items back!
  • Contoured support to arch area, ball of foot and foot pads near the toes
  • Cooling vents to keep feet cool and dry
  • Deep heel cup for motion stability
  • Do they carry antibacterial protection to help with odors?Massaging Gel Insole
  • Some insoles allow you to trim the edges so they better fit your footwear

Here are 3 supportive insoles that we carry at Galls.

At Galls, we care about your feet!

With the right set of socks and insoles for your workboots or shoes, you can make a huge difference in the way your feet feel at the end of the day. Who wouldn’t want some extra support, especially with such simple solutions?