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Gear & Apparel for an Active Lifestyle

Those with a particularly active lifestyle are always on the lookout for gear and apparel that support their activities. It’s not just about going for a jog, it’s about incorporating fitness, athleticism, and a general sense of activity into your life as a whole. Fortunately for you there are a wide variety of brands that design their products to best suit the demands of active lifestyles. Of course, these products are not limited to those in peak physical condition, but for those who desire comfort and support for any sort of general activity throughout the day. Continue reading Gear & Apparel for an Active Lifestyle

New Nike Special Field Boot Engineered For Public Safety Professionals


The new Special Field Boot from Nike was specially designed and engineered for first responders.

According to Nike, it’s “the lightest, fastest-drying, highest mobility performance boot we’ve ever made!”

A modern, athletic boot engineered to meet the expectations of world class heroes! Parts of the forefoot are puncture and laceration resistant, while the midsole is super cushioned and extra flexible. The directional traction outsole offers a better grip when walking and running downhill.

Reviewing the Nike SF Boot – here’s more info:

Quick-drying synthetic leather overlays

For durability and support – these tactical boots are designed to keep you going for extended periods – you want a boot you can rely on. Field boots from Nike

Multiple ventilation zones

Allows the boot to breathe and drain quickly. Dry boots mean dry feet and that means less stinky boots! Less moisture makes everything more comfortable (condensation in a boot can be irritating and destructive to your boot and your feet). Properly ventilated boots also help keep feet from chafing.

Genuine leather footbed

Durability, flexibility and comfort – a perfect combination. When you’re on duty, comfort is key. Comfort is not something you necessarily think about, but it is something you certainly appreciate when your shift is over!

Special lock-lace system

Helps keep your foot in place to maintain a comfortable, customized fit during extended wear. That’s what tactical gear is all about – it does it’s job so you don’t have to worry and you can do your job.

Nike Free inspired outsole

Designed for traction on all terrains- better gripping ability, better overall stability and better sure-footedness when you need it most.

Weighs 15.9 oz

The boot is about two-thirds the weight of traditional boots. That means there is less weight to carry around and that means fresher legs. It also means less weight to lug around in your gear bag!

To buy the Nike SF Boot or learn more about it, visit Galls.com.