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Help Celebrate Public Safety Appreciation Month With Galls

In honor of National Safety Month, Galls is pleased to announce Public Safety Appreciation Month to recognize all of the men and women who work in public safety roles across the country.

We value your commitment and service to your local communities and to the nation at large. And we are extremely proud of the new and ongoing relationships we’ve established with:

  • Police Officers
  • Public Safety Officers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Fighters
  • Emergency Medical Responders
  • Federal Officials
  • Military Personnel

Through the Galls.com website, Galls Facebook page, Galls Twitter and through the Galls Blog, we’ve been able to have real conversations with you. We absolutely enjoy it.

Your engagement and interaction with us – your personal stories, your links to news reports and your shared accolades for others – shows how much you care about your fellow public safety officers.

We truly appreciate the connections we’ve made with you.

Please drop us a line to say hello – we’d love to talk.


Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line Flag
Thin Blue Line

With the origins of the term dating back to the Crimean War, the “Thin Blue Line” has become a term and symbol that millions recognize as relating or affiliating with law enforcement. You have heard the term used on the news, television shows and movies and could deduct that it is a statement of solidarity and kinship. The symbol is as bold as it is symbolically simple with a blue band flanked by two black bands. The blue band represents the role of law enforcement as the center piece of maintaining societal order bonding as well as separating the worlds of good and evil.

The next time you see “Thin Blue Line” think about the role law enforcement plays in our society and the bravery that is displayed to achieve social order.