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The Honor Guard: Mourn, Remember and Honor

The funeral ceremony has often served as a means of mourning, remembering, and honoring those who have passed, and as a country some of the most formal and revered ceremonies are held for those in military service, as well as police officers and civil servants. Those who carry out these ceremonies are called the honor guard. Continue reading The Honor Guard: Mourn, Remember and Honor

Kentucky State Honor Guard selects Galls

Kentucky State Honor Guard Uniforms
Kentucky State Honor Guard

Galls Uniforms – Kentucky State Police Honor Guard  

High expectations are placed on Honor Guard members, for they represent the rich tradition of the state and the courage of troopers both past and present. As such, the wearing of the uniform is considered a privilege and a primary encouragement for each officer.

Since this is a non-traditional, ceremonial uniform, it is a special purchase each time. The agency does not replace these uniforms often, and this particular purchase was for the entire Honor Guard team. A large monetary commitment in lean budget times was required for securing this revamp of the uniforms. But it was important to the agency that each one member was an interchangeable, dignified representative for the agency.

Their investment has certainly paid off. The 100 percent gray and black wool uniforms are said to have been patterned after the Louisville Legion which fought in the Mexican- American War. The silver piping on the coats symbolizes the slogan, “The Thin Gray Line”; the gold badge and brass represents the command and leadership of the agency. Striped in black, the gray trousers recall the early uniforms of the Highway Patrol but also represent the daily uniform of the modern Trooper and the rich heritage of the department.

Why We Liked It:
It is rare to find examples of public agencies willing to spend on anything these days, let alone a uniform program used for ceremonial situations. By mixing value with exemplary customer service, Galls was able to provide its customer with one good looking uniform program, proof positive that you don’t have to compromise quality, even in a bad economy. Kentucky State Troopers look as sharp as ever in their new duds, and that look was achieved by ensuring the best pricing possible on all pieces of the uniform. For its willingness to work with its customer, and for its acute understanding of today’s business climate, UNIVATOR extends a hearty bravo to Galls.

For more information, visit www.galls.com.