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History of Firefighters

photo_8172_20081204-300x2001Firefighters have a long and colorful history, with many of the most famous figures in Western history playing a big role in forming the firefighting profession we know today. By understanding where professional firefighting originated we can appreciate it not only for saving countless homes and lives, but also for the cultural heritage firefighters have all over the globe. Continue reading History of Firefighters

Discovering Our Nation’s Police Museums

There are wonderful police museums all across the country.

From New York City to Cincinnati to Seattle and many places in between, you’re likely to find a museum or historical society devoted to showcasing the origins of the local police force. If you’re within driving distance of one, they make for an entertaining and educational day trip for you and your family.

The draw for most of these museums is the vast array of old and original equipment, memorabilia, uniforms, photographs, cars and various weapons. The exhibitions and collections that are housed within these museum walls offer great insight into local history and lore.

At the New York City Police Museum you can see exhibits spanning three centuries of law enforcement. old police car

In the Portland Oregon Police Museum you can see a Harley-Davidson patrol motorcycle as well as the first McGruff the Crime Dog suit.

And in Waco, Texas at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame you can discover how the Texas Rangers made the colt revolver famous and our borders with Mexico safe.

Most of the museums ask for some small admission fee or donation. Some seek the financial support support of members and donors while others also rely on city or state funding.

In all, the mission of these police museums is to preserve the stories and the memorabilia so future generations can have a better understanding of what it was like to be a police officer in days gone by.

What sidearms did they carry? What police vehicles did they use? What did their uniforms look like? What historical events played out in each city?

To find out more, check out these city and state police museums.


The New York City Police Museum in New York City

New Jersey State Police Museum and Learning Center in West Trenton, NJ


National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, D.C.


American Police Hall of Fame & Museum in Titusville, FL

Tampa Police Museum of Tampa, FL

Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, TX


Cleveland Police Museum in Cleveland, OH

The Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society Museum in Cincinnati, OH

Illinois State Police Heritage Foundation and Museum in Springfield, IL

Indiana State Police Museum in Indianapolis, IN


Los Angeles Police Historical Society in Los Angeles, CA

Phoenix Police Museum in Phoenix, AZ


Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum in Seattle, WA

Portland Police Museum in Portland, OR

There are many other police museums across the country. Check your local area to see if there might be one closer to your town.

Here is a great video from the Los Angeles Police Historical Society with an inside look at their museum.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQkIrIKHLik&w=560&h=349]