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Hint, Hint: 10 Gift Ideas for Public Safety Professionals

A common problem among Public Safety Professionals is that your loved ones don’t know enough about the Public Safety industry to choose a thoughtful gift. Here are 10 categories of gifts you can pass along to help your family and friends in their search: Continue reading Hint, Hint: 10 Gift Ideas for Public Safety Professionals

3 great gifts for first responders under $17


It’s the holiday season again and a good time to start thinking about little stocking stuffers that might be appropriate for police officers, fire fighters and others in public safety.

There are a lot of great options – gadgets, tools and other tactical gear that can be had without breaking the holiday budget. At Galls, we carry a variety of items that would make perfect gifts – many of them at $17 and below.

Also – visit Galls.com for occasional “percent off” or “free shipping deals. Many of those special deals can be had through the Galls email specials (sign up here for email deals). Buy holiday gifts for cops


3 Great Gifts for Under $17


1 – Duty Socks with Extra padding in the toe and heel:

Who doesn’t need a good pair of comfortable socks, especially for someone who’s on their feet all day. Extra padding in the toe and heel offer a thicker layer of protection and make an impact on the way feet and toes feel at the end of a long work day.

Click here to see more about these socks…


2 – Crossfire safety sunglasses:

An extra pair of sunglasses – or a back up pair – can really come in handy. The active work style and lifestyle of most law enforcement professionals means that the opportunity for broken or lost sunglasses is increased. A back up pair is a solid gift.

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3 – Hearing Protection:

Active duty officers in all parts of public safety are bound to be in noisy situations. It’s nice to be able to “tune out” or dampen the surrounding noise. These novel earplugs won’t get lost either – they’re connected by a band that can be worn around the neck – and being bright orange, they’re hard to miss.

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For more gift ideas for cops, firemen and other public safety officers, visit Galls.com.


Get 5 Galls Gadgets Under $15

Whether you’re shopping for gear you need for work (or gear you can use at home, too!), Galls offers a wide selection of great gadgets at great prices.

The quality and versatility of use our products offer is outstanding. Ideal for emergency situations and home use, they certainly make thoughtful, practical and economical gifts.

Don’t just take our word for it—read what fellow customers say about our gadgets in our Product Review section. Get insider tips on how they optimize their gadgets, and most importantly, whether they would recommend these products to you.

Check out these Product Reviews of the Galls Emergency Hammer and Seatbelt Cutter:

At $15, these 5 Galls Gadgets are great for:

  • Birthdays and special occasions
  • Partner appreciation / Supervisor appreciation
  • Employee appreciation / Achievement recognition
  • Gifts for promotions or retirement
  • Gifts for family and friends
  • Use for public safety roles
  • Use at home or in your vehicle

Glove Holder with Carabiner:  This handy little gadget frees up your pockets and makes gloves and anything else you attach to it immediately accessible. $9.99 

Mini MagLite Flashlight: Who can’t use an extra flashlight? The small size allows you to take it anywhere and its powerful illumination matches the MagLite reputation. $11.99

Galls Emergency Hammer and Seat Belt Cutter: This 2 in 1 tool is allows you to escape–or help others escape–damaged vehicles. At only 5.25 ounces, this tool smashes windows and cuts seat belts. $11.99

Galls LED Traffic Batton: Simple to use, easy to store and carry, works in the dark or light and includes batteries.  $14.99 

Smith and Wesson Serrated Knife: This solidly built knife has a thousand and one uses. Offers both a serrated edge as well as a straight edge. $14.99 

Although a bit over the $15 mark, everyone should have these two fantastic gadgets at work and home:

Dyna Med Vehicle First Aid Kit: This first aid kit can be kept in your work vehicle, or your private car, boat or camper. It contains all you need for basic first aid scenarios. $16.99

Res-Q-Rench: You get 5 lifesaving options all in one handy tool: a gas shutoff tool, pry tool, seat belt cutter, spanner wrench and window punch. $24.99