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Bates Launches Athletic, Lightweight Tactical Footwear

SRT-7 Product ShotBates SRT and SRT-7 offer a new generation of footwear for public service professionals. Designed with action-contoured DuraFLEX instead of conventional leather uppers, these boots and shoes move faster and take corners sharper, just like high performance athletic shoes. Continue reading Bates Launches Athletic, Lightweight Tactical Footwear

Top Safety Footwear Features

The human foot is made of dozens of tiny individual bones, as well as numerous muscles, ligaments, and nerves. On top of that, the foot serves as a necessary component to one of our most basic methods of transportation. It’s safe to say that without the use of our feet we’d have difficulty going anywhere. Unfortunately, our feet are easily smashed by falling objects, run over by cars, slammed into doors, and many other dangerous activities. That’s why it’s critical to have proper safety footwear to make sure one of your body’s most vital parts is kept safe during both everyday and potentially dangerous activities, both on and off duty.

It can be difficult, with modern technological advances, to keep track of what’s the best material or component for safety footwear. There are a number of brands, such as 5.11, Mascot, and Bates that all provide safety footwear, but of varying specifications and materials. It’s not as easy as simply picking the heaviest or most inflexible boots. Advancements in technology have reduced the need for extra thick materials and opened the way for equally safe but much more flexible and breathable options. Here are some of the features to consider when making your safety footwear purchase:


Recently, safety footwear has started moving towards a more athletic look and feel. With this trend has come advancements in synthetic materials, which can be more lightweight and durable than leather. If you’re used to wearing sneakers or other athletic footwear, then choosing something with synthetic materials may be more comfortable and familiar to you. It may also be preferable if you’re on your feet a lot or anticipate foot pursuits.
However, leather is still a viable option. Leather is breathable, durable, and naturally molds to the shape of your foot for extra comfort. There are also shoes that combine the use of leather as well as synthetic materials, which results in a shoe that has the best of both worlds. The height of the shoe is also something to take into consideration. If you find yourself often working in places with debris or in the outdoors, then consider shoes that extend to at least eight or ten inches in height to protect your lower legs and ankles.



For the outsoles of safety shoes, you’ll typically see the traditional rubber bottoms since it provides excellent anti-slip and grip qualities to prevent you from slipping in wet weather or when walking on slick surfaces. Various synthetic rubbers have also started hitting the market such as TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), PU (polyurethane) and EVA (Ethel-Vinyl-Acetate) which promote a lighter weight, greater flexibility, and greater cushioning. You may want to purchase shoes that are puncture resistant, as unknown nails and other sharp objects can pierce a lesser quality shoe and cause serious injury.


Additionally, you never know when you may respond to a particularly messy call or crime scene, which could contain blood borne pathogens or toxic chemicals. If this is a normal hazard in your occupation, then make sure your shoes are blood borne and pathogen resistant.



Finally, the most common feature associated with safety footwear is the toecap. This, typically steel, cap covers the toe end of the shoe to prevent accidents like sudden blows to the foot or sudden compression. In public safety, it’s crucial to protect your feet from potential harm since it’s easy for your feet to be run over, stepped on or crushed. The human toe is fairly fragile, and it takes the natural strength of steel to provide that added protection to the area. However, some shoes have started using aluminum alloys instead of steel. These toecaps are typically more durable, but are much heavier as the material needs to be layered on thicker than steel.

In the end, it all depends on what you’re looking for, as there are a number of different options to choose when deciding what pair of safety footwear works for you.

Important things to keep in mind when choosing new duty boots


Choosing the right pair of boots for public safety use is extremely important.

A good pair of work boots can make all the difference in how you feel at the end of a workday. Aching feet, sore leg muscles and potential back pain are issues that no one wants to deal with on a daily basis.

So what are the benefits of choosing the right pair of boots? to duty boots for cops

  • Personal comfort
  • Better work enjoyment
  • Increased performance
  • Safety
  • Reduction of work related injuries – foot, leg and back pain
  • Career longevity

You may have never thought about your work boots this way, but the reality is that your choice of footwear is a vital component in making your workday a success!


As you shop around for a new pair of boots, keep these attributes in mind.

  • Fit and Comfort
  • Intended Use
  • Performance and Durability
  • Value

Shopping for new boots can be overwhelming, but if you think about your daily work activities you can use the above attributes as a checklist.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Just think about what your daily routine is. What activities are you involved in?
What regulations do you need to abide by? What do you expect from your footwear?

Choose from a great selection of duty boots here at Galls.

3 reasons why Galls carries Danner Tachyon Duty Boots


Searching for new duty boots? Have you tried the Tachyon duty boots from Danner?

Galls easily recommends Danner boots for first responders

Besides being a top brand boot, here are 3 reasons why we think Danner boots make a great choice when it comes to purchasing new footwear.

1) The boots are built with high standards

2) They embody quality design construction

3) There is an ongoing continuity in top of the line manufacturing

Danner Boots at Galls

Discover the 8 Inch Tachyon Boots from Danner

The 8 inch duty boot from Danner features the typical high quality design that you’ve come to expect from Danner.

The upper of this boot is completely synthetic for superior weight savings with the added benefit of an ultra-fast dry time. Speed lacing and a 3-layer comfort system work together to create a snug, comfortable fit.

NOTE: Most boots in this weight category have a composite rubber outsole – but the Tachyon features a true rubber outsole for superior abrasion resistance and traction. That’s a big difference when you expect a boot to hold up under the rigors of day-to-day work.

Buy your new boots from Danner online here – or call 800.477.7766 to order from a Galls customer service agent!

Take a look at these features:

  • Complete synthetic ultralight upper for superior weight savings and dry time
  • Abrasion resistant toe cap
  • Speed lace fastening system and durable brass hardware for secure fit
  • Open cell PU footbed allows for optimal airflow and superior durability
  • EVA cushioning and shock absorbing midsole
  • Danner Tachyon rubber outsole featuring pentagonal lugs for superior surface contact
  • 8″ Height
  • 26 oz

Want to see a video about Danner Boots craftsmanship and focus on quality – view this video straight from the Danner website (click link below).


Buy your new boots from Danner online here – or call 800.477.7766 to order from a Galls customer service agent!

Should you “tuck in” your shoelaces into your duty boots?


At Galls, we get a lot of questions about how to properly use gear or how to optimize the use of gear and apparel.

One recent question was, “should I “tuck in” my shoelaces into my duty boots – is this helpful?” Should I tuck in my laces on duty boots

While it seems like a relatively basic question, it occurred to us that:

  • it’s probably a question that’s been asked many times before
  • a question other people wanted to ask, but didn’t for some reason
  • or, a basic tip that could be helpful

Some readers of this post might think “this is utterly obvious and why is someone asking the question.”

Others might say, “huh, I’ve never thought about tucking in my shoelaces – I can see why that might be helpful.”

Helpful tips, techniques and training are the foundation for keeping departments running efficiently. Collective knowledge from varying backgrounds along with industry standards and best practices make police forces and EMS services effective.

And yes, even small questions about why you should tuck in shoelaces can be particularly helpful.

Consider this – by tucking in your shoelaces on duty boots or other tactical footwear, you can help eliminate:

  • tripping over laces that have come untied
  • getting laces snagged on gas and brake pedals in your vehicle
  • stepping on your laces while working to get a suspect into a vehicle
  • stepping on your laces while chasing someone or running to a scene
  • getting laces snagged on fences, wires or other hurdles
  • keeping them clean from puddles, snow and dirt

Maybe a good tight tie will do the trick – or a double knot. But taking a few seconds to tuck in your laces is sure way to avoid a little frustration.



Big Discounts On Quality Police Boots


Ready to give your old boots ‘the boot’?

Ready to slip into something a little more comfortable?

What better time than now as Galls is offering up to 20% off a wide variety of duty boots and tactical boots.

First responders wear their boots every day. And those boots take a beating which requires that from time to time the wearers of those boots need to invest in a new pair.

Today is a great time to:

  • Get high quality boots at a discounted rate
  • Invest in a 2nd or 3rd pair
  • Upgrade your tactical wardrobe
  • Yes, even give boots as a gift

While Galls makes sure that its boot selection for public safety personnel is always competitively priced. Occasionally, the boot selection also goes on sale.

What boots are on sale?

  • 20% off all Galls footwear
  • 15% off all Bates Boots
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How to take advantage of the sale?

What boots and other footwear can you find at Galls.com?

  • Duty boots
  • Tactical boots
  • Quarter boots
  • Oxfords
  • Athletic shoes
  • Casual shoes
  • plus a variety of footwear accessories

Act fast – this boot sale ends tonight – Sept 17 – at midnight. Whether you’re in law enforcement, medical services, security or fire fighting, you’re sure to find a new pair of boots that will work for you!

How To Take Care Of Your Duty Boots


Like your mother always told you – “buy the best you can afford and then take care of it!”

So you’ve got a new pair of duty boots. You paid good money for them and you want to keep them looking nice.

Most duty boots cost between $60 and $175 dollars.

How do you stretch your dollars and make those duty boots last a long time?

You can’t be expected to clean your boots everyday. With work, family and other obligations it’s just not possible.

However, there are some basic techniques for keeping your duty boots looking good for a long time.

  • Try to brush off any dirt that accumulates over the course of a day – with a rag, that could take about 30 seconds
  • Adding support soles to your duty boots help them last longer – and you’ll be more comfortable
  • Getting dirt off helps your boots look better immediately and helps make a more intensive cleaning a lot easier
  • Remove the laces when you do a deep clean – polish or other cleaners may hurt the laces’ elasticity
  • A basic soft brush works wonders for cleaning boots – and you can use an old toothbrush for hard to reach spots
  • Mr. Magic Clean Erasure works wonders on scuff marks – or you can use the time honored pencil erasure
  • A wet sponge will get most caked on dirt off (but follow up with a brushing and drying when done)
  • With leather boots, apply a leather conditioner to replace the natural oils – about a 3 minute process
  • Use shoe trees to help the boots maintain their shape and for the leather to not crack – people think shoe trees are only for fancy shoes, but they’re great for duty boots also
  • This is obvious, but don’t leave shoes outside, in the car or near extreme cold or heat
  • If you have multiple pairs of boots, alternate usage – wear one pair one day or one week and then change it up

If you want to go all in and spend $20 as an investment in your boots, get an inexpensive shoe kit like the Bates Shoe Care Kit. This shoe care kit for duty boots has polish, cleaner, a sponge, shiner, brushes and a handy carrying case.

With proper care (and yes, a little time and effort) you can extend the life of your duty boots while retaining their original good looks, shape and comfort.

To look at a wide selection of duty boots for law enforcement and other public safety services, visit Galls.com.