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Managing Stress and Focusing on Personal Development as a First Responder


As a first responder, managing stress and focusing on personal development can take effort. Because you’re so used to giving support to others, it can take energy and discipline to focus on the benefits of personal Healthy development for copsphysical health and a positive and grounded mental approach.

But it is important. And while it’s important to you specifically, it’s also beneficial for the people and communities you serve.

At Galls, we look to provide helpful information to give you the tools you need to be a great public safety officer. Here are some helpful posts from the last year…


Law Enforcement and the Power of Relationships

In the world of Law Enforcement and Public Safety, the value of relationships are powerful and important.

Why are they so important? Because relationships are the foundation for positive and successful police work. Your ability to create and maintain solid relationships with those you interact with are key.

Relationships affect the level of service you provide to the public as well as your ability to relate to victims, witnesses, suspects and criminals. Investing in these relationships will allow you to do a better job, and ultimately, be a better and more effective police officer…read the entire article here.


Police Officer, EMS, Firemen? 5 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us!

From now until the week after New Years can feel like a race, with everyone rushing to buy gifts, decorate the house and visit family and friends.

It’s difficult not to get caught up in the stress and pressure that the holidays can create. But it’s also important to find time to relax, slow down the pace a bit and enjoy the special moments.

So how do you do that? Here are 5 quick tips for managing stress during the holidays…read the entire article here.


More Holiday Stress Tips for Cops, Fire and EMS

While a certain level of stress will always play a role within the working environment of public safety personnel, the holiday season, with it’s demands and constraints can add to the level of stress you feel.

It’s important to recognize that you can stay above the fray, and when stress levels do begin to creep up, you can deal with them effectively and get back to a state of healthy operations.

Here are more tips for managing your stress levels during the holiday season…read the entire article here.

Are You Part of the Galls Social Community?

As a professional within the first responder community, you are part of a very special group of men and women. Your commitment to public safety and public care helps make up the social fabric of your community.

Galls FacebookFirst responders are a tight knit group, working closely together to help people who are hurt and in distress. You’re also educators, providing valuable information to the community to help minimize the reliance on public safety professionals and their services.

Police work with paramedics. Firefighters work with community leaders. Everyone interacts with each other on many different levels and in many different scenarios.

These interactions offer great opportunities to connect with others who share similar interests and opinions.

At Galls, we’ve created social networks that allow first responders to discover even more ways to connect with new people and organizations. Through these social networks, we hope that individuals can:

  • connect with others within the professional community
  • have a forum for discussion
  • learn, read, educate, and discover

Some of those social networks include: Galls Videos, Galls YouTube

Galls Blog – Read public safety related articles. Uncover interesting stories and opinions. Gain useful information to use ‘on the job’.

Galls Facebook – Catch up on the latest info from Galls and their suppliers. Also read comments from other first responders. Connect with people who are similar to you.

Galls Twitter – Check in on the latest promotions. Discover news and information that can be valuable for your line of work – and your ‘off time’ interests.

Galls.com – Visit the Galls home website for the latest in public safety equipment and apparel. Check in weekly for new items and special deals.

Galls YouTube – Watch Galls and Galls supplier videos. Don’t just read about apparel and equipment – see them in action!

Galls LinkedIn – Grow your social connections from a business perspective. Connect with other professionals across the country.

It’s well understood that policemen, emergency medical personnel, firefighters and others are very interested in connecting with each other. It’s also apparent that the interactivity and sharing of information and ideas is well established. You like to communicate. You enjoy connecting.

We invite you to visit the social networks above. We invite you to be involved – with us – and with each other.

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