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Body Armor Sizing and Measuring

Body armor is quite simply the most important piece of any law enforcement officer’s uniform. It saves lives. Unfortunately, when it doesn’t fit properly, your body armor can also be the most uncomfortable part of your uniform. However, with the correct fit, your body armor will not only be more comfortable but also provide effective and protective coverage. All it takes are a few simple measurements and some fine tuning once you have your vest, so let’s get started.

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Bulletproof Vest from Galls Helps Save Police Officer’s Life

It’s a story with frightening details, but a joyous ending.

Officer Jonathon Luna, with the Sylvester Georgia Police Department, was shot at point blank range while fighting with a suspect. The suspect managed to grab the weapon and shoot Luna with his own service revolver. Bulletproof Galls Vest Saves Life

Fortunately, Officer Luna was wearing a bulletproof vest.

“I mean I’d be dead. Because it was so close up…the area where he shot me,” said Luna.

In what could have been a tragic moment, there was relief. Officer Luna was wearing a bulletproof vest, a vest that most likely saved his life. After a little hospital time, he was back on duty within a week and a half.

The vest, made by Point Blank and Galls, is a expertly designed and engineered piece of body armor made specifically for police officers. Every detail of the vest works in concert to provide comfort, flexibility and most importantly, a level of protection that public safety officers can depend on.

“Every time I put it on, I think about if I didn’t put it on, I could have been dead that day,” said Luna.

The Sylvester, Georgia Police Department has a policy requiring it’s officers to wear the bulletproof vests. It’s a sound policy and likely one that won’t be questioned by any of its officers in the future as Officer Luna’s story is a testament to why the Sylvester Police Department and other police departments across the country are adamant about similar policies.

According to the National Institute of Justice, more than 3,000 officer’s lives have been saved since the 1970’s because of bulletproof vests and other body armor.

Quotes from Officer Luna are courtesy of the original news story from WALB-TV. The original story and video with Officer Luna can be seen on WALB-TV here.