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Customer Reviews Of Bates 8 Inch Ultra Lites Zipper Duty Boots


Considering the purchase of Bates 8 Inch Men’s Ultra Lites Zipper Duty Boots? Best Boots for Cops

Hundreds of other Galls customers have ordered these pants over the last few years and some of them have posted their reviews on our website. These are real Galls customers just like you – other cops, fire fighters, other security personnel and other first responders. Read the reviews below or read them – Bates 8 inch Boot Reviews.

These are real reviews:

PETER (04/18/12) 5 shields
Best boot I’ve ever owned, and won’t buy anything else. VERY light and durable in my opinion. Only buying a new pair because the ones I have now are beat up(still very useable, just look like hell) and I’m starting a new job.

JOHN J. (06/05/11) 5 shields
I purchased these boots on Monday and they arrived on Tuesday. They have to be the most comfortable boots I have ever had. I could stand in them for hours at a time and my feet still feel fine. Definitely recommend these boots.

JEFFREY F. (02/24/11) 1 shields

JOSHUA W. (07/11/10) 5 shields
Got these boots for a corrections job. Have been an MP before this, and for the price these are close to the best boots I have owned. easy to shine, put on, and comfortable. Only complaint is they are a little warm but again for the price great boot.

JOSEPH S. (03/16/10) 5 shields
I love these boots! I bought them awhile ago and they are working and still holding up to the standards that they say. Highly recommended to anyone that is looking for a great boot! I’m ordering my new pair soon!!

JOSE H. (01/19/10) 5 shields
These boots are great I’m a fire science student at LSSU in Sault Ste. Marie, MI and they are the most comfortable boot that I have ever bought in my life.

RANDY D. (12/22/09) 5 shields
I bought a pair of these boots the week I started the academy. I put them on right out of the box, drove five hours to the academy, wore them for 12 weeks and they still look brand new. i just ordered another pair.

QUENTIN C. (12/08/09) 5 shields
I am going on my 4th pair of this style Boots and I love them, I wear them out on the soles after about a year or so, but they go through alot.

KYLE P. (11/25/09) 4 shields
Good boot for the price…. I got 6 months out of my last pair and I’m 300lbs. and work 12hr shifts in a jail an spend 11 of them on my feet… looks like a boot built like a shoe…

HOWARD W. (11/17/09) 5 shields

SAM C. (10/29/09) 5 shields
Work in State Park and this boot I have had for 4 years! Comfortable and durable. Zippers great and even wear them off work most of the time. Buying another pair soon!

BEN B. (10/22/09) 4 shields
I’ve had my first pair of this particular boot for 2 yrs now. I am ordering my second pair. The boot held up well as I wear them everyday for 12 hrs in all weather. I am very happy with this boot. Recommended!

MATTHEW G. (10/11/09) 5 shields
Great boot, I work not only as a security officer but as an EMT and have never had a more comfortable or easier to break in boot. Am ordering a second pair!

KEVIN S. (09/22/09) 5 shields
They only lasted about 8 months. Now the bottom is wearing through. They feel great. I walk around 8 hours a day 5 days a week on foot patrol. I will be buying another pair when water starts to get in the bottom holes.

JOSH K. (07/29/09) 5 shields
Hands down, the best boots I have ever worn. Easy to break in, and lasts.

PATRICK F. (07/24/09) 2 shields
I’ve had these boots for about 6 months so far and they are extremely comfortable but after working scout camp for 3 weeks the zipper separated and then busted all together. would not recommend

RICHARD G. (06/23/09) 5 shields
I bought these boots for daily wear, on my motorcycle and at work. I’ve had them for a year now, and just had the first problem. Soles are starting to wear thin, and a seam has broken on the left Achilles area. I ride to/from work, walk all day, and sometimes wear them around the house after I get home. Very comfortable. My daughter also has a pair. She wears them when she rides behind me on the bike, and at work. She is on her feet all day (chef’s assistant) and loves them for their comfort and stability.

GRANVILLE P. (05/21/09) 4 shields
These boots are only 1 year old and the heel of the rubber sole came loose. Other than that the boot was very comfortable, but I can’t afford to replace them every year.

ROBERT C. (04/29/09) 4 shields
I’ve just received these boots and, for the money, they seem to be of pretty decent fit and quality. How long will they last? Only time will tell.

KEVIN H. (04/10/09) 3 shields
Takes a while to get broke in but overall boot is good.

SONNY W. (04/07/09) 3 shields
At first I was impressed, these boots were light & comfortable. However within a year I found their water resistance, comfort & structural integrity had deteriorated dramatically. They are not bad, but I recommend for light duty only.

KEN C. (03/12/09) 1 shields
These are very light but the foam rubber that holds the sole to the leather breaks free after 3 months. Buy better boots, not these. I was using them in an office setting as well!

JOEL F. (01/14/09) 3 shields
I used these boots for almost two years and they worked for what I needed them. Of course, three weeks of SWAT school ruined these boots–tore the leather out of the outsole. Don’t buy these boots if you intend to give them a beating.

DREW C. (01/08/09) 4 shields
I have been buying these boots year after year. I work construction and I beat the daylights out of my boots. These are lightweight yet tough enough to last me 12-14 months of daily abuse. Even the zippers have never broken or jammed.


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