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A Special Thank You from Galls on this Memorial Day

Memorial Day honors the men and women who died while serving in America’s military. This day is a reverent and reflective day for many, a time to be with family and friends and remember those who ensured our daily freedoms.

Many American servicemen and women were – and still are – active duty policemen, firefighters, emergency medical responders and more. The percentage of public safety officers with a military background is extraordinary.

Please take a few moments today and think about those who make this country safe. At Galls, we certainly appreciate all that has been done for the country by the American military.

Have a good Memorial Day.

Please share any thoughts or comments you may have on this special day.

Officer Safety is Priceless…

but the reality of outfitting a department in compliant body armor can be daunting to budget-strapped agencies.

Galls Body Armor
Galls Body Armor

Help is on the way! It’s Time to Prepare for your Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) Grant Application!

Under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Justice, BVP grants have proven to be a critical resource to local and state law enforcement  by  providing over 13,000 jurisdictions with $277 million for the purchase of an estimated 800,000 vests since 1999.

New Requirements for 2011 Applications

The estimated application date for 2011 funds is June.  All jurisdictions applying for funding from BVP must have a written “mandatory-wear” policy in effect no later than the application date.  While this policy can cover everything from hair length to earrings and tattoos, it MUST mandate that all uniform law enforcement officers within the jurisdiction wear bullet or stab resistant vests when engaged in patrol or field operations.

This policy change is a result of a dramatic 37% increase in officer deaths in 2010, which followed two years of declining line-of-duty deaths and reflects the Department of Justice’s renewed commitment to continually improving officer safety.

Galls is pleased to offer a wide selection of bullet and stab resistant body armor from all the top brands in the industry. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you evaluate your department needs and provide you with the cost estimates needed for your BVP application. And, don’t forget to check the expiration date of your current armor.  Due to regulation changes, many models expire this year.

For more information about what Galls has to offer, visit or call 800-876-4242.

For more information about BVP grants and the Body Armor Safety Initiative of the U.S. Department of Justice, visit

Kentucky State Honor Guard selects Galls

Kentucky State Honor Guard Uniforms
Kentucky State Honor Guard

Galls Uniforms – Kentucky State Police Honor Guard  

High expectations are placed on Honor Guard members, for they represent the rich tradition of the state and the courage of troopers both past and present. As such, the wearing of the uniform is considered a privilege and a primary encouragement for each officer.

Since this is a non-traditional, ceremonial uniform, it is a special purchase each time. The agency does not replace these uniforms often, and this particular purchase was for the entire Honor Guard team. A large monetary commitment in lean budget times was required for securing this revamp of the uniforms. But it was important to the agency that each one member was an interchangeable, dignified representative for the agency.

Their investment has certainly paid off. The 100 percent gray and black wool uniforms are said to have been patterned after the Louisville Legion which fought in the Mexican- American War. The silver piping on the coats symbolizes the slogan, “The Thin Gray Line”; the gold badge and brass represents the command and leadership of the agency. Striped in black, the gray trousers recall the early uniforms of the Highway Patrol but also represent the daily uniform of the modern Trooper and the rich heritage of the department.

Why We Liked It:
It is rare to find examples of public agencies willing to spend on anything these days, let alone a uniform program used for ceremonial situations. By mixing value with exemplary customer service, Galls was able to provide its customer with one good looking uniform program, proof positive that you don’t have to compromise quality, even in a bad economy. Kentucky State Troopers look as sharp as ever in their new duds, and that look was achieved by ensuring the best pricing possible on all pieces of the uniform. For its willingness to work with its customer, and for its acute understanding of today’s business climate, UNIVATOR extends a hearty bravo to Galls.

For more information, visit

Thin Blue Line

Thin Blue Line Flag
Thin Blue Line

With the origins of the term dating back to the Crimean War, the “Thin Blue Line” has become a term and symbol that millions recognize as relating or affiliating with law enforcement. You have heard the term used on the news, television shows and movies and could deduct that it is a statement of solidarity and kinship. The symbol is as bold as it is symbolically simple with a blue band flanked by two black bands. The blue band represents the role of law enforcement as the center piece of maintaining societal order bonding as well as separating the worlds of good and evil.

The next time you see “Thin Blue Line” think about the role law enforcement plays in our society and the bravery that is displayed to achieve social order.