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Galls is “The Authority” when it comes to public safety equipment and apparel including firefighter gear and emergency medical supplies. This section of our Blog in dedicated to you and your professions – Fire and EMS. We hope to offer interesting current news and product spotlights to entertain and inform you of the trends and offers that impact your professions.

Fentanyl: Challenges as a First Responder & How to Protect Yourself

When you decide on a career as a first responder, be it police, fire, or medic, you understand the many dangers associated with this calling. Today there is a new danger to add to the list: Fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic drug that is manufactured primarily in China and Mexico, and [...]

Everybody Say Cheese: 10 Tips to a Successful Team Photo

Your team has trained and worked hard together to the point you are each other’s second family. It’s only natural to want a group photo to save for posterity, but sometimes no one wants to pay for a professional photographer. That means the job goes to the most photographically inclined person [...]

9 Tips to Make the Best of Working the Holidays

Working during the holidays is a fact of life with your profession. Holidays can include any special day: the big game, the season finale, the family milestone, etc. Even if you get the time off, a big event can result in you being recalled. While others get to spend time with [...]

Traffic Safety: 5 Considerations to Stand Out and Stay Safe

Public safety professionals constantly work in close proximity to traffic. Each driver’s ability to see, recognize and maneuver around responders amongst split seconds of visual clutter is crucial in preventing tragedy. […]

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Bates Launches Athletic, Lightweight Tactical Footwear

Bates SRT and SRT-7 offer a new generation of footwear for public service professionals. Designed with action-contoured DuraFLEX instead of conventional leather uppers, these boots and shoes move faster and take corners sharper, just like high performance athletic shoes. […]

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Things You Might Not Know About Firefighters

Often people have preconceptions about who firefighters are and what goes into their work. Many assume that firefighters are simply heroes that show up to put out fires, but don’t typically know much about them. There are many things that firefighters might want civilians to know about their line of work [...]

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Keeping a Clear Mind as a Firefighter

Firefighting is listed as the most stressful job of 2015, and managed to get third place in 2014, according to This is very easy to imagine, given the incredibly stressful situations firefighters put themselves in when they’re called to act in a moment’s notice, responsible for not only their own [...]

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Changes to Flame-Resistant Work Apparel

As of 2015, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration passed new rules for employees regarding open flame hazards. While before this change it was only recommended that your body be fully covered with flame-resistant clothing in the work place, this new regulation requires that those whose workplaces meet certain requirements, which [...]

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History of Firefighters

Firefighters have a long and colorful history, with many of the most famous figures in Western history playing a big role in forming the firefighting profession we know today. By understanding where professional firefighting originated we can appreciate it not only for saving countless homes and lives, but also for the [...]

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