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Plate Carrier Kits: 7 Reasons to Train with One TODAY

Designed to be donned quickly and protect the most vital organs against advanced threats, plate carriers have become a necessity to Law Enforcement. Although plate carriers seem pretty straightforward, they require some preparation and training. Here are 7 reasons why you can’t procrastinate on either: Continue reading Plate Carrier Kits: 7 Reasons to Train with One TODAY

Everybody Say Cheese: 10 Tips to a Successful Team Photo

Your team has trained and worked hard together to the point you are each other’s second family. It’s only natural to want a group photo to save for posterity, but sometimes no one wants to pay for a professional photographer. That means the job goes to the most photographically inclined person on the team. Granted, that person might only have a camera on their phone with little training. Or, that person might have a full-on DSLR camera and lighting set up for their side business with years of experience. Either way, if you find yourself with this daunting task, your main goal is to make a photo of which everyone will be proud. Our Marketing team has assembled 10 tips every level of photographer needs to keep in mind to capture that perfect photo. Continue reading Everybody Say Cheese: 10 Tips to a Successful Team Photo

9 Tips to Make the Best of Working the Holidays

Working during the holidays is a fact of life with your profession. Holidays can include any special day: the big game, the season finale, the family milestone, etc. Even if you get the time off, a big event can result in you being recalled. While others get to spend time with their family and friends, you end up on the streets working calls – calls that are probably the worst ones of the year. Here are 9 tips to make the best of it: Continue reading 9 Tips to Make the Best of Working the Holidays

3 Crucial Assets Every First Responder Should Have

During active shooter or mass casualty events, first responders and bystanders already on scene are often the only hope of saving lives. Each bleeding victim can die from blood loss in less than five minutes and cannot wait for an ambulance to arrive. Even after medical teams arrive, medics must still find and triage people they can safely access. Therefore, equipping as many people on scene as possible buys precious time and saves lives. Continue reading 3 Crucial Assets Every First Responder Should Have

Bates Launches Athletic, Lightweight Tactical Footwear

SRT-7 Product ShotBates SRT and SRT-7 offer a new generation of footwear for public service professionals. Designed with action-contoured DuraFLEX instead of conventional leather uppers, these boots and shoes move faster and take corners sharper, just like high performance athletic shoes. Continue reading Bates Launches Athletic, Lightweight Tactical Footwear

Ways to Thank First Responders

SR792BF12F010As the holiday season quickly approaches, remember to thank those who perform necessary but often under-appreciated jobs. First responders are known to have one of the most straining jobs, taking a toll on the responder’s moral. Giving thanks is a great way to show first responders how much you care about their work for the community. Even a small amount of gratitude can help these responders through a difficult time and push them into a positive state of mind. Continue reading Ways to Thank First Responders

The Honor Guard: Mourn, Remember and Honor

The funeral ceremony has often served as a means of mourning, remembering, and honoring those who have passed, and as a country some of the most formal and revered ceremonies are held for those in military service, as well as police officers and civil servants. Those who carry out these ceremonies are called the honor guard. Continue reading The Honor Guard: Mourn, Remember and Honor

Body Armor Sizing and Measuring

Body armor is quite simply the most important piece of any law enforcement officer’s uniform. It saves lives. Unfortunately, when it doesn’t fit properly, your body armor can also be the most uncomfortable part of your uniform. However, with the correct fit, your body armor will not only be more comfortable but also provide effective and protective coverage. All it takes are a few simple measurements and some fine tuning once you have your vest, so let’s get started.

Continue reading Body Armor Sizing and Measuring

Gear & Apparel for an Active Lifestyle

Those with a particularly active lifestyle are always on the lookout for gear and apparel that support their activities. It’s not just about going for a jog, it’s about incorporating fitness, athleticism, and a general sense of activity into your life as a whole. Fortunately for you there are a wide variety of brands that design their products to best suit the demands of active lifestyles. Of course, these products are not limited to those in peak physical condition, but for those who desire comfort and support for any sort of general activity throughout the day. Continue reading Gear & Apparel for an Active Lifestyle

Do’s and Don’ts of U.S. Flag Usage

Do’s of U.S. Flag Usage


  • Do hoist the flag quickly, and lower it gently and solemnly.
  • Do salute the flag as it is raised and lowered, and continue saluting until the flag is unfastened from the halyard.
  • Do make sure that the union is at the peak of the staff when displaying the flag from a window or building; the exception to this rule is if the flag is at half-staff.
  • Do make sure that the flag takes top position when displaying it with another flag, such as a state flag, from the same flagpole. The exception to this rule is if the second flag is a church pennant, which may then take precedence only during a chapel service that is presided over by a Naval chaplain on a ship at sea.
  • Do position the flag to its own right when displaying it with other pennants on separate flagpoles of the same height and in a straight line.
  • Do make sure that the American flag is always larger than any other pennants that are also displayed with it.
  • Do hang the flag in a vertical position — with the union facing northwards or eastwards — when displaying the flag over a street. However, if the pennant hangs over a sidewalk, the union should be farthest from the building.
  • Do clean and repair as needed.
  • Do fold the flag as carefully as possible — and in a solemn manner — when preparing it for storage.

Don’ts of U.S. Flag Usage


  • Do not fly the flag upside down, except as a distress signal; this is the one and only exception.
  • Do not allow the flag to touch the ground.
  • Do not fly the flag outside of the sunrise-to-sunset timeframe. However, if flag is left on display during the nighttime hours, be sure to illuminate it.
  • Do not hoist any flag before the American flag, nor lower any flag afterwards.

Show your respect for Old Glory with a patriotic pin.