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Vintage Photographs of Female Firefighters

Thank you Buzzfeed for bringing these exquisite photographs to the public’s attention in the viral article “25 Stunning Vintage Photographs of Female Firefighters.” Women have been firefighters for longer than most people realize: in fact, for almost 200 years. Luckily, this article provides proof of these historic accomplishments in women’s history. Here are the top 10 photographs we’ve selected as our favorites.

1. 1916, The UK Women’s Fire Brigade takes a salute.

women's brigade


2. 1916, Conducting a drill with hoses and extinguishers.

womens brigade 3


3. 1916, Putting a fire escape into position.



4. 1926, A member of the Achille Serre Ladies Fire Brigade in London.



5. 1928, A rescue drill in progress.



6. 1939, An AFS member during morning inspection at a Manchester fire station.



7. 1941, Women train at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard during WWII.



8. 1941, Training at the UK’s Royal Northern Hospital in Holloway practice for blitz fires.



9. 1938, a female firefighter models a new uniform.



10. 1942, Training at the Imperial War Museum Fire Fighting School


10 Photographs From A Soldier’s Perspective

When one thinks of war photography, brutal images and violence come to mind. But what about the all the time spent not in combat? Soldiers gain a unique view of the world when on battlegrounds, but often is is overlooked by the press. Here are 10 high res photographs of the night skies in a way you’ve never seen them before…


















6.soldiernight 6



7.soldiernight 7



soldiernight 8



9.soldiernight 9




10 Hilarious Police Blotter FAILS!

The funny ones are rare, but when you find them, they are gold. I’d encourage EVERYONE to skim the paper for these every once in a while. You will be shocked with what you find! Here are 10 hilarious Police Blotters that would have even Starsky and Hutch scratching their heads.


1. Alright, alright – this MIGHT spook me too.

Police blotter 1

2. Listen, he was just practicing his rights.

police blotter 2

3. You could argue for this next one…?!

police blotter 3

4. Keep Calm and Blame Your Husband

police blotter 4

5. Well at least we can cross hardware malfunction off the list.

police blotter 5

6. Something tells me there is more to this story…

police blotter 7

7. If this isn’t freaky enough, I really don’t want to know what happens at 3:18.

police blotter 6

8. Let’s be honest. Nothing is more threatening than a quarter.

Police Blotter 8

9. So much for having an alter ego.

Polive blotter 9

10. This really isn’t fair… the police officer didn’t have his eyes shut all the way!

police blotter 10

5 Must Have Mother’s Day Gifts

presentFinding the right Mother’s Day gift can be tricky. Galls offers a wide selection of gear and equipment perfect for gift-giving, including a selection of women’s apparel, footwear and accessories. Here are 5 ideas to get your creativity flowing:




  • Gerber Rescue Knife: Everyone loves the feeling of getting a brand new, sharp, shiny blade. A rescue knife is an invaluable tool to have handy during emergencies, especially involving vehicles. The Gerber Rescue Knife features a folding seatbelt cutter, a built-in window punch, and an oxygen tank valve opener that is integrated into the handle.
  • Under Armour Valsetz Tactical Boot: Every woman loves a good shoe. This is one of the highest performing tactical boots out there for women. This lightweight, water-resistant boot features nylon upper lace locks that are stitched in to allow quick on or off lacing. The lower eyelets have welded TPU reinforcements for increased durability.
  • 5.11 Women’s Recon Trainer: This high performance shoe will add some style and spunk to her wardrobe. Offered in a variety of colors, this lightweight trainer shoe is durable for inside and outside the gym. It is abrasion resistant and has a stable hybrid training/running outsole. It also features the 5.11 ROPE READY™ HELCOR® fast-rope zone.
  • 5.11 Tactical Push Pack: If it isn’t shoes, a good bag is always in order. PUSH stands for Practical Utility Shoulder Hold-all; and this is exactly what it does. This pack offers side expanding pockets, each sized for a one-liter bottle, and a zippered pocket behind the main compartment with a loop-sided Velcro to hold Back-Up Belt System pouches or any other hook-sided pouch.
  • Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight: Sure, a little less exciting, but every officer needs it! Why not save her the trouble and get it for her. Or, you can get her a few! Check out our wide selection of streamlight flashlights.

10 Ways to Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month

military appreciation monthWith National Military Appreciation Month right around the bend, it is time to brainstorm ideas to honor those who’ve dedicated their lives to serving our country. May was chosen as National Military Appreciation Month in 1999 because it has the most days to celebrate our military achievements. Here are 10 ways to commemorate and make this celebration really count:


1. Gather a group of people and make a trip over to a Veterans’ hospital a few times this month.

2. If you are in the Public Service Industry, volunteer to speak at a school or a university about National Military Appreciation Month and its signifigance.

3. Post military photographs and videos, both past and present, on your social media platforms to create the buzz. Perhaps find a patriotic Facebook banner.

4. If you don’t already, put a flag outside your house and perhaps in your workplace, to remind the community of this commemoration.

5. Find local events, parades or speeches to attend and connect with your community.

6. Wear a red, white and blue ribbon on your shirt through May.

7. Light a candle each night for those who’ve sacrificed their lives for the safety of our country.

8. Contact local libraries & museums suggesting recognition through reading material and displays.

9. Contact the media and offer personal stories to share.

10. Recognize the Pledge of Allegiance and, if you can, play some patriotic music around the house or in your work place.

For more ideas, visit

3 Firefighter Instagram Accounts You MUST Follow

To us, Instagram might be fun and games. But for firefighters, it’s a way to share the epic and dramatic sights they are exposed to every day. Take a look at some of our favorite Firefighter Instagram accounts.



Gregg Boydston is a hotspot firefighter, whom travels the United States fighting forest fires. You could only imagine the kinds of things he sees on a day-today basis. Greg is committed to bringing photography to the forefront of the sights, as his firefighting duty. As he put it, “My office is most people’s motivational posters in their office,” and he must share it with the world. Gregg’s photographs capture the crude reality of fighting fires, the toll it can takes on people and wildlife, and the raw beauty that natural disaster can render.






They say skateboarders are known for having a keen sense of creativity and artistic value. Second-generation firefighter and avid skateboarder, Gabriel Angemi is living proof of this theory. Growing up on the streets of Camden, New Jersey, Gabriel has seen more tragedies than most people will see in a lifetime. Photography is his way of sharing his story and also asking for help in the city he calls home. His photographs capture the hardships and crime that Camden faces every day while also praising his devoted troops of firefighters.





Most fire departments try to avoid sharing the harsh conditions of crisis scenes. However, the Compton Fire Department took a different approach. As their Instagram caption states, “Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the realization that there is something more important.” The Compton Firefighters are proud of their work, and show it for what it truly is. It might be a little controversial, but by being so overt, you can vividly see the mark they leave on the Compton community.