Officer Ashley Smith: You only have ONE Body!

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Officer Ashley Smith: You only have ONE Body!


Hey y’all, Officer Ashley Smith here with Galls. I’d like to quickly introduce myself; I am a Police Officer in Onondaga County NY where I have over 9 years of Law Enforcement Experience as a Patrol Officer and over 8 Years experience as a Personal Trainer. Between spending my mornings at the gym, prepping my meals for the week, suiting up and going out on Patrol, handling complaints, investigating major crimes, conducting traffic stops, visiting the children at the local schools, and spending time with my family & friends…I have seen a lot and heard a lot and I am here to offer you some tips on how to live a better, healthier, happier life.

As LEO’s we live very hectic, fast paced, high stress, busy lives and all because we LOVE what we do but we also need to pay the bills right? We spend money on clothes to wear ON our bodies, hair products to put ON our hair, lotion to put ON our skin. We eat take-out, we drink alcohol, we get coffee/energy drinks to keep us awake just to then need a sleeping aid at night. We do all of this daily for the OUTSIDES of our bodies, but what do we do to take care of the INSIDE of our bodies? When you think about it, not much to be honest, and that is not good!! We are around toxins daily whether it be in the air we breathe, in the things we ingest or the people we come into contact with. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE BODY, not two, or three, we aren’t cats with nine lives and we need to learn how to take care of ourselves and worship our bodies like the temples they are!

This happens when you make a plan, a plan to start taking care of the inside of your body just as good if not BETTER than you do the outside. A healthy body is a happy & healthy mind! It’s easy to start; simply choosing healthier food options, being active, lowering the caffeine/alcohol intake, looking at alternatives to prescription medications, striving for 6-8 hours’ sleep, and slowing down will ALL help your body to become the best, well-oiled machine it can be! So ladies & gentlemen, I CHALLENGE YOU to start making a conscious step towards making your body just a little bit better; choose ONE thing you can work on and go FULL FORCE on it. I’ll be checking back in with y’all soon, as well as dropping some of my own personal tips along the way!

LEO Love,



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