Plate Carrier Kits: 7 Reasons to Train with One TODAY

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Plate Carrier Kits: 7 Reasons to Train with One TODAY

Designed to be donned quickly and protect the most vital organs against advanced threats, plate carriers have become a necessity to Law Enforcement. Although plate carriers seem pretty straightforward, they require some preparation and training. Here are 7 reasons why you can’t procrastinate on either:

  1. Active Shooters. With the increase of active shooter situations in our country, the ability to augment your ballistic protection at a moment’s notice – without fumbling – is critical. Even when off duty without your concealable vest, a carrier kit stored in your vehicle will allow you to respond to an incident quickly and with a higher level of protection.
  2. Your Patrol Rifle. The concealable vest you wear is most likely certified to only defeat your side arm’s rounds. Whenever you bring your patrol rifle into use, your ballistic protection should defeat its rounds as well. The habit of adding to your protection helps defend you if the weapon is lost in a struggle or if there is a bad ricochet.
  3. Fit. Don’t wait until you need your carrier to find out it does not fit properly. Prepare your carrier before you need it. On a clean surface, adjust the shoulder and waist straps then try on the carrier to ensure proper fit and coverage. You might need to repeat this process a few times before it sits correctly over your vital organs.
  4. MOLLE placement. MOLLE systems allow you to customize the placement of your gear, but again, you don’t want to wait until you are on scene to find out something is out of place. Weave static equipment (like ammo and utility pouches) through the MOLLE straps for stability. Slide removable equipment (like med kits) through the straps without weaving. Test the placement and easy access of each piece.
  5. Shooting Stance. Plate carriers remove some flexibility and add bulk. Periodically rehearse firing in your fully-equipped carrier when on range to be aware of adjustments you must make. Don’t forget to do this exercise with your various patrol weapons.
  6. Muscle Memory. Repeatedly practicing weapon and equipment draw not only elicits preparedness when under stress but also trains your body to move without thought. If your hands know the placement of every resource at your command, your mind can concentrate on the mission.
  7. Breathing. This involuntary act often goes unnoticed in a typical day, but while under exertion in a plate carrier, you definitely will feel a difference in breathing. Include in your regimen training that induces exertion to test how the weight and tightness of your carrier will affect your breathing and stamina. The ability to anticipate and improve your body’s adaptation to a carrier will help your performance during a call.

Everyone hopes a carrier is never needed on duty, but if it is, some simple preparation could very well save your life. Find out more about our plate carrier solutions today!

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