Hint, Hint: 10 Gift Ideas for Public Safety Professionals

//Hint, Hint: 10 Gift Ideas for Public Safety Professionals

Hint, Hint: 10 Gift Ideas for Public Safety Professionals

A common problem among Public Safety Professionals is that your loved ones don’t know enough about the Public Safety industry to choose a thoughtful gift. Here are 10 categories of gifts you can pass along to help your family and friends in their search:

  1. Get a leg up on your mission. Tactical pants have become a staple of the public safety industry, and it seems you can never have too many pairs. With pockets to spare, comfortable fit and durable fabric, these pants stand up to the most daunting challenges.
  2. Protect your good name. As identity theft increases, RFID wallets have become a wise precaution. These wallets provide RFID signal-blocking technology and allow you to carry your credit cards with confidence.
  3. Beware: gifting discretion is advised. Graphic t-shirts are favorite gifts that show pride, viewpoints and humor. Bold, fresh designs ensure that you will continually be able to update your closet.
  4. Pain-proof your day. Hitting the streets shift after shift can take a toll. Prevent impact injuries with a pair of knuckle gloves or safety toe footwear. Cushion every step with duty-ready insoles. Alleviate muscle fatigue and pain with compression gear from such brands as Tommie Copper or Under Armour. Lighten the back-straining weight of your duty gear with such items as the Elbeco Suspension System.
  5. Be a Handyman Hero. Prepare for a wide range of scenarios with minimal gear. A multi-tool or knife is a simple addition to any pocket or vehicle. Window punch and seatbelt cutter combos allow you react efficiently to accidents and vehicle entrapments. Lockout kits help you gain entry to a vehicle for non-emergency situations.
  6. Layer it on. If you want to get the most for your money, system outerwear is a versatile solution to help you quickly adjust to changing conditions or seasons. The same is true for jackets with removable liners. For a go-to, stand-alone jacket, soft shell jackets offer weather protection with a contemporary fit. Base layers, available for warm and cool temperatures, will help you regulate your temperature and sweat effectively.
  7. Light up your life. Flashlights come in many options: duty flashlights, tactical flashlights, specialty flashlights, general purpose flashlights, fire flashlights and spotlights. Here are the key features to look for when choosing the right light:
  • Light Output (Lumens): Indicates the total light generated without regard to direction, beam quality or configuration.
  • Beam Distance (Meters): A measure of how far away the flashlight will usefully light an object when the beam is optimally focused.
  • Peak Beam Intensity (Candela): Indicates the light intensity in the brightest part of the beam when optimally focused.
  • Run Time (Hours/Minutes): The duration that a flashlight will continuously operate.
  1. Acquire your target. Shooting accessories are gifts that are a bullseye for any one that uses a Since many items need to be replenished, gift givers don’t need to worry if you already have it. From eye and ear protection to holsters and range bags, you’ll find a great gift that will fit any budget.
  2. Plan for the worst, hope for the best. For a gift that gives the whole family peace of mind, how about a ballistic vest upgrade or active shooter kit? Body armor care items or a CoolCop add an extra touch. Along the same lines, bleed or first aid kits make for compact gifts that help loved ones to show you their care for your wellbeing. For Firefighters, the Fire-Dex® H41 Interceptor Hood blocks cancer-causing particulates and other harmful contaminants in addition to thermal insulation. For EMTs and Paramedics, a blood-borne pathogen kit provides an extra level of protection.
  3. Cut the Clutter. Bags and other organizers help make your gear orderly and accessible. With options for you to carry or keep in your vehicle, these gifts can cut down on your response time, easily pass inspection and prevent you from losing items on scene.

BONUS GIFT IDEA: If someone is still left undecided, there is nothing wrong with a gift e-card. Obviously, the shopping responsibility will fall on you, but at least you’ll get exactly what you want!

Need more ideas? Shop our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. We would also love to hear about other gift ideas you given your family friends. Please comment below:

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