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New Body Worn and Dash Cameras

CA015AF14C139Start the New Year strong with a new body camera and dash camera. The Bureau of Justice Administration estimates that between 4,000 and 6,000 law enforcement agencies are planning to adopt or already adopted body worn cameras. Both of these pieces of equipment help make law enforcement officers’ jobs easier. Below are some of the top sellers to help you decide if you’re looking to get an upgrade this year.

Patrol Eyes Body Worn Camera

With a multitude of innovative features that make utilizing a body worn camera so much easier. The Patrol Eyes Body Worn Camera Top Body Worn and Dash Cameras 3has an extended battery life of eight hours. As well as a precise 16-megapixel capture when recording video or using burst shots. With a simple one-touch operation, all you have to do is hit one button to start recording for as long as you needed. Even if it takes you a few seconds to hit the record button, this camera has a pre and post-event recording feature. This feature allows for 30 seconds of recording even before you pressed that button. High definition 1080p recording quality at a 140-degree wide angle guarantees you get the most range of vision that’s possible from your camera. Heavy-duty protection makes this camera water-resistant and drop-proof. One of the most convenient features is ease of uploading your recordings at the end of the day. Simply plug your camera into its recharging docking station and, if you’re connected it with a USB cable, the camera will automatically be given a device ID and organized into folders. This camera comes in both 32 and 16 GB models, allowing you to choose the camera based on your recording needs.

Top Dawg EagleEye 1080p Dash Cam

The Top Dawg EagleEye Dash Cam is an excellent upgrade to your Top Body Worn and Dash Cameras 4dash camera, and much like the Patrol Eyes Body Worn Camera,  this dash camera comes with a multitude of useful features. The Eagle Eye dash camera features a wide-angle HD camera that records in real time with both video and audio. Light enhanced recording for low light environment provides excellent recording quality during the day or at night. The Eagle Eye is equipped with G-Sensor technology that detects any impact or collision. Additionally, this dash cam automatically records 20 seconds prior to and after a collision and saves the recording to the cam’s SD card. Easy to use, and installs in minutes, the Top Dawg Eagle Eye camera is worth checking out.

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