Tommie Copper: How Does it Work?

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Tommie Copper: How Does it Work?

Tommie Copper is a notable brand of compression apparel that is Tommie Copper 4infused with copper and designed to relieve pain in areas where worn. Unlike most compression wear, Tommie Copper promotes the idea of comfortable compression wear. Tommie Copper compression wear bridges the gap between athletic use and pain relief in overworked joints and muscles.

Compression wear works by utilizing elastic and tight fabrics which mold to your body. These fabrics increase blood flow and allow enhanced healing and comfort. Copper has been used as a healing tool because it naturally wards of bacteria. Tommie Copper has “fast wicking” fabric that is resistant to water. The copper in the fabric combined with compression technology relieves pain and helps reduce added pain from occurring.

Tommie Copper 6While on the job, it’s easy to overwork joints and muscles. Often, we don’t have the time to allow for normal rest and recovery before getting back to work. Tommie Copper offers compression sleeves for areas such as: calves, knees, elbows, wrists or full compression shirts. These water-resistant and comfortable sleeves can dramatically reduce the daily aches and pains. Tommie Copper’s emphasis on comfort makes them one of the best brands for compression apparel.

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