Bates Individual Comfort System

//Bates Individual Comfort System

Bates Individual Comfort System

Bates 1Not all people walk in the same way; some people walk with an outward or inward tilt. If you’re one of these people, you may find your shoes uncomfortable. If you find your shoes uncomfortable after work and everyday activities, you may be wearing shoes designed for someone with a different walk. Many footwear companies will try and compensate for this by stiffening up a portion of the shoe where a person is over compensating their step. Locking the buyer into whatever state the footwear is designed for, no matter what their personal walk is. Those who spend large amount on their feet know how crucial comfortable footwear is and the difference a good shoe can make.

Bates 2 Bates is well known for making comfortable and efficient footwear. Bates’ Individual Comfort System has added a small dial technology to the bottom of the shoe’s midsole. The dial allows the wearer to decide exactly how they want their shoe to feel on a need by need basis. Not only can you pinpoint the best setting for yourself, you can quickly change your settings as the day progresses.

Bates 3Make sure to check out the Individual Comfort System in the Bates 8″ Individual Comfort System Leather Nylon Zipper Boot or the Bates 6” Individual Comfort System Zipper Boot. No matter the style of walk, the Individual Comfort System will provide you with comfortable footwear that is customizable to your needs. No longer will you have to wear shoes that are designed for someone else’s personal walk.

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