Ways to Thank First Responders

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Ways to Thank First Responders

SR792BF12F010As the holiday season quickly approaches, remember to thank those who perform necessary but often under-appreciated jobs. First responders are known to have one of the most straining jobs, taking a toll on the responder’s moral. Giving thanks is a great way to show first responders how much you care about their work for the community. Even a small amount of gratitude can help these responders through a difficult time and push them into a positive state of mind.

JA280AF09P014Give Thanks

It can be as easy as saying thank you to those in uniform when they’re off duty. Send your local law enforcement or firehouse a letter/email to thank them for their hard work. Reach out over Facebook and other social networks to show your gratitude. Share a personal story of how responders’ work has positively impacted your life. Donate to a benefit your local responders support. These simple acts will help make the holidays merry and bright.

SP403AF07X388Lend a hand

While in most cases you’ll want to leave the job to the professionals, there are many cases where you can assist responders to make their lives easier. If you hear or see a first responder vehicle approaching with their lights on, pull your car over to the right and allow them to pass quickly and safely. Start or support a neighborhood watch program in your community. Neighborhood watch programs keep your community safe without requiring added assistance from law enforcement. Remember to always report a crime if you see one.

Being a first responder is taxing and difficult work. Please remember to give back to those who repeatedly work to protect our communities.

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