Things Law Enforcement Officers Want You To Know

//Things Law Enforcement Officers Want You To Know

Things Law Enforcement Officers Want You To Know

Law enforcement is one of the most difficult, but rewarding careers out there. As civilians, we can help make officers’ jobs and lives easier. With the hard work law enforcement officers put in to keep the community safe, please consider the following things.

SP403AF07X388Buckle Up Your Kids

Seat belts constantly save lives and help prevent unwanted tragedies. Remember to buckle up to protect yourself and others from tragic collisions that may occur. Buckling up can also save you an unwanted ticket.

Move Over 00000AF03T048

Forty-nine U.S. states have passed move over laws, which were promoted in response to increasing roadside fatalities in the line of duty. This law requires drivers, upon noticing either emergency vehicle with sires and/or flashing lights to move away from the vehicle by one lane. Additionally, moving over can capture the attention of less attentive drivers and influence them to follow your lead.

Horiz_Camera-300x2372Be respectful

Remember to always be respectful to officers. An officer’s job is hard enough as it is without having someone trying to belittle or derail the officer. Officers are aware of the rights civilians have and will act accordingly to those rights.

While there are many things we can do to make officers jobs easier. These serve as few key examples officers wish civilians were more informed about. Consider these, and think about other ways to make officer’s lives easier.

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