4 Tips for Preventing Household Fires

//4 Tips for Preventing Household Fires

4 Tips for Preventing Household Fires

00000AF2B02XOctober serves as National Fire Prevention Month, which means it’s a good time to make sure you’re doing your best to help prevent fires in your home and in other areas of your daily life. One of the most dangerous forms of a surprise fire is a house fire, as it not only put your belongings but also your family and neighbors at risk. While it may seem like these fires are uncontrollable, there are often a few areas and situations, which can dramatically reduce the chance of a fire in your home, as long as you manage to avoid them. Here are four ways to help reduce the chance of a household fire.

Watch your kitchen

One of the most common areas for fires is actually in the kitchen. It’s very easy to lose track of time while something is on the stove or in the toaster, and before you know it the fire has grown out of control. Make sure you’re always paying attention whenever the oven or stove is in use, and while it may seem like a hassle at some moments, you’ll be thankful in the long run.

Bad heating

For many the approaching winter means cold weather, and that doesn’t often correlate to fire safety. However, heaters are one of the leading causes of household fires for just this reason; after all, people don’t think twice about something being too hot when it’s chilly outside. Electric heaters are the biggest culprits, as these often come in contact with sheets or curtains and can spark into a fire. If you plan on using an electric heater, make sure to give it plenty of space from any flammable objects or materials.

Check your cables 00000AF2B02X

This one may seem obvious, but it’s always safe to check. Often cables will have become chewed, broken, or frayed can easy start to a fire. Cables are frequently kept in a corner or out of sight so it can be difficult to tell if one has gone bad. It’s also a good idea not to overdo it on your use of extra electrical outlets. Adding too many to a wall socket from extensions or even surge protectors can overwork that socket and cause sparks, which may result in fires.

Don’t leave candles lit

Some people use candles in case of power outages or simply because they enjoy the ambiance that comes from an open flame. The same concept goes for fireplaces, if you have one. Leaving open flames lit is an easy way to accidently start a fire in your home so always make sure someone is supervising the fire, even if it is just from a single candle.
These are only a few tips, but the idea is to make sure you’ve checked your home for anything that looks like it either may be a situation in which a fire could start, or could lead to one in the future.

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