5 Father’s Day Gifts for 5 Kinds of Dads

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5 Father’s Day Gifts for 5 Kinds of Dads

Looking for a few extra gizmos to give to Dad this year? We’ve got a few ideas for you. No need to spend a fortune! Galls has a wide variety of cost-effective gifts that Dad is sure to appreciate. If your Dad falls under one of these 5 categories, you’re in luck.


1. The Military Dad

streamlightStreamlight Military Sidewinder LED Flashlight

This gizmo is perfect for the Military Dad. Why get him one flashlight when you can get him 20? This flashlight offers 20 different flashlight settings including four levels of output settings, white C4 LED, IR LEDs, dimming capabilities and much more.






2. The Firefighter Dad


This gadget is sure to knock his socks off! The Res-Q-Rench has five life-saving tools in one. Features include a gas shutoff tool, pry tool, seat belt cutter, spanner wrench, and a carbide tip window punch. Surely, this will become his favorite tool in his bunker pants.





3. The Cop Dad

pocket-knife-coastCoast RX322 Assisted-Opening Knife 

Fast, smooth, safe and simple. What more could you ask for in a pocket knife? Patented Max-Lock technology secures the blade closed when not in use and double locks the Liner-Lock when open, even if the Liner Lock is inadvertently dis-engaged.






4. The EMS Dad

colored-holster-setMagnum Medical Colored Holster Set

This is the best knick knack kit around. What’s better, all the instruments in this set are colored, making it easy to determine which instruments belong to you. They will fit well in your duty belt and the colors will make them easy to access when you need them the most. 






5. The Training Dad

training-handcuffsASP Red Training Hinged Handcuffs

Still in training? Not a problem – we’ve got plenty of gizmos and gadgets for this Dad. These training cuffs open just by rotating wrists, making it easier to practice your technique again and again. This product features a Double-lock for advanced training.


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