10 Ways to Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month

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10 Ways to Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month

military appreciation monthWith National Military Appreciation Month right around the bend, it is time to brainstorm ideas to honor those who’ve dedicated their lives to serving our country. May was chosen as National Military Appreciation Month in 1999 because it has the most days to celebrate our military achievements. Here are 10 ways to commemorate and make this celebration really count:


1. Gather a group of people and make a trip over to a Veterans’ hospital a few times this month.

2. If you are in the Public Service Industry, volunteer to speak at a school or a university about National Military Appreciation Month and its signifigance.

3. Post military photographs and videos, both past and present, on your social media platforms to create the buzz. Perhaps find a patriotic Facebook banner.

4. If you don’t already, put a flag outside your house and perhaps in your workplace, to remind the community of this commemoration.

5. Find local events, parades or speeches to attend and connect with your community.

6. Wear a red, white and blue ribbon on your shirt through May.

7. Light a candle each night for those who’ve sacrificed their lives for the safety of our country.

8. Contact local libraries & museums suggesting recognition through reading material and displays.

9. Contact the media and offer personal stories to share.

10. Recognize the Pledge of Allegiance and, if you can, play some patriotic music around the house or in your work place.

For more ideas, visit http://www.nmam.org/participate.htm.

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