3 Firefighter Instagram Accounts You MUST Follow

//3 Firefighter Instagram Accounts You MUST Follow

3 Firefighter Instagram Accounts You MUST Follow

To us, Instagram might be fun and games. But for firefighters, it’s a way to share the epic and dramatic sights they are exposed to every day. Take a look at some of our favorite Firefighter Instagram accounts.



Gregg Boydston is a hotspot firefighter, whom travels the United States fighting forest fires. You could only imagine the kinds of things he sees on a day-today basis. Greg is committed to bringing photography to the forefront of the sights, as his firefighting duty. As he put it, “My office is most people’s motivational posters in their office,” and he must share it with the world. Gregg’s photographs capture the crude reality of fighting fires, the toll it can takes on people and wildlife, and the raw beauty that natural disaster can render.






They say skateboarders are known for having a keen sense of creativity and artistic value. Second-generation firefighter and avid skateboarder, Gabriel Angemi is living proof of this theory. Growing up on the streets of Camden, New Jersey, Gabriel has seen more tragedies than most people will see in a lifetime. Photography is his way of sharing his story and also asking for help in the city he calls home. His photographs capture the hardships and crime that Camden faces every day while also praising his devoted troops of firefighters.





Most fire departments try to avoid sharing the harsh conditions of crisis scenes. However, the Compton Fire Department took a different approach. As their Instagram caption states, “Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s the realization that there is something more important.” The Compton Firefighters are proud of their work, and show it for what it truly is. It might be a little controversial, but by being so overt, you can vividly see the mark they leave on the Compton community.


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