Does Galls carry London Bridge Trading gear online?


Yes, Galls carries a number of items from London Bridge Trading.

London Bridge Trading is a high quality manufacturer out of Virginia Beach, VA that cranks out reliable gear for today’s first responders and military agencies.

View their selection at here:

  • Bags
  • Protection
  • Combative
  • Pouches
  • Accessories and Kits

One example of the London Bridge Trading gear carried at Galls is the CQC Training Chest Guard. This protective chest guard offers features to help you be effective yet safe while offering the insights that may help save your students’ lives.

Features include: CQC Chest Guard

  • A HIGH GEAR™ helmet (available as a component of a HIGH GEAR Suit) fits snugly within the raised protective collar to afford an added level of safety during contact drills
  • Custom foam protects your carotid region
  • Red and orange embroidery helps students zero in on lethal and less-than-lethal target zones
  • Non-restrictive forearm and biceps padding offers added protection at vital nerve points, still enables role players to engage in all-out simulations, defending against stabbing thrusts, gun grabs, clinches and punches
  • One size fits all

For more great gear from London Bridge Trading and Galls, visit today!