Should you “tuck in” your shoelaces into your duty boots?


At Galls, we get a lot of questions about how to properly use gear or how to optimize the use of gear and apparel.

One recent question was, “should I “tuck in” my shoelaces into my duty boots – is this helpful?” Should I tuck in my laces on duty boots

While it seems like a relatively basic question, it occurred to us that:

  • it’s probably a question that’s been asked many times before
  • a question other people wanted to ask, but didn’t for some reason
  • or, a basic tip that could be helpful

Some readers of this post might think “this is utterly obvious and why is someone asking the question.”

Others might say, “huh, I’ve never thought about tucking in my shoelaces – I can see why that might be helpful.”

Helpful tips, techniques and training are the foundation for keeping departments running efficiently. Collective knowledge from varying backgrounds along with industry standards and best practices make police forces and EMS services effective.

And yes, even small questions about why you should tuck in shoelaces can be particularly helpful.

Consider this – by tucking in your shoelaces on duty boots or other tactical footwear, you can help eliminate:

  • tripping over laces that have come untied
  • getting laces snagged on gas and brake pedals in your vehicle
  • stepping on your laces while working to get a suspect into a vehicle
  • stepping on your laces while chasing someone or running to a scene
  • getting laces snagged on fences, wires or other hurdles
  • keeping them clean from puddles, snow and dirt

Maybe a good tight tie will do the trick – or a double knot. But taking a few seconds to tuck in your laces is sure way to avoid a little frustration.