How To Take Care Of Your Duty Boots

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How To Take Care Of Your Duty Boots


Like your mother always told you – “buy the best you can afford and then take care of it!”

So you’ve got a new pair of duty boots. You paid good money for them and you want to keep them looking nice.

Most duty boots cost between $60 and $175 dollars.

How do you stretch your dollars and make those duty boots last a long time?

You can’t be expected to clean your boots everyday. With work, family and other obligations it’s just not possible.

However, there are some basic techniques for keeping your duty boots looking good for a long time.

  • Try to brush off any dirt that accumulates over the course of a day – with a rag, that could take about 30 seconds
  • Adding support soles to your duty boots help them last longer – and you’ll be more comfortable
  • Getting dirt off helps your boots look better immediately and helps make a more intensive cleaning a lot easier
  • Remove the laces when you do a deep clean – polish or other cleaners may hurt the laces’ elasticity
  • A basic soft brush works wonders for cleaning boots – and you can use an old toothbrush for hard to reach spots
  • Mr. Magic Clean Erasure works wonders on scuff marks – or you can use the time honored pencil erasure
  • A wet sponge will get most caked on dirt off (but follow up with a brushing and drying when done)
  • With leather boots, apply a leather conditioner to replace the natural oils – about a 3 minute process
  • Use shoe trees to help the boots maintain their shape and for the leather to not crack – people think shoe trees are only for fancy shoes, but they’re great for duty boots also
  • This is obvious, but don’t leave shoes outside, in the car or near extreme cold or heat
  • If you have multiple pairs of boots, alternate usage – wear one pair one day or one week and then change it up

If you want to go all in and spend $20 as an investment in your boots, get an inexpensive shoe kit like the Bates Shoe Care Kit. This shoe care kit for duty boots has polish, cleaner, a sponge, shiner, brushes and a handy carrying case.

With proper care (and yes, a little time and effort) you can extend the life of your duty boots while retaining their original good looks, shape and comfort.

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