How To Recommend Galls On Facebook and Elsewhere

Have you ever wanted to recommend Galls, it’s products or services?

If so, the recommendation process is pretty easy.

And by the way, thank you for the recommendation!

One of the easiest ways to recommend Galls is to do it through Facebook.

On the right hand side of the Galls Facebook page, there is an area where you can enter a recommendation (see image at right or at bottom).

If you click the See All link, you can read all of the recommendations that have been made. You can also enter a recommendation here.

Some recent recco’s include:

“This is the only place I have found so far for quality women’s tactical pants in a timely manner…”

“Great place to buy EMT pants, uniform pants, etc….I need nice comfortable pants for my business…”

“Great place for security, fire, police, or emergency personnel…”

“Or selection, pricing and service Galls is the place to go…”

“Great place for all tactical gear…”

You can also leave recommendations on the Galls Blog or leave other comments relating to the information that is posted there. Plus, if you want, you can share blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Email and more! It’s a great way to put good information into the hands of people that you think could benefit from it.

You can also drop us a line at customer service – we’d love to hear from you!

So, again, thank you for the recommendation!