Police Officer, EMS, Firemen? 5 Tips For A Stress Free Holiday Season

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Police Officer, EMS, Firemen? 5 Tips For A Stress Free Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us!

From now until the week after New Years can feel like a race, with everyone rushing to buy gifts, decorate the house and visit family and friends. Tips for beating holiday stress police

It’s difficult not to get caught up in the stress and pressure that the holidays can create. But it’s also important to find time to relax, slow down the pace a bit and enjoy the special moments.

So how do you do that? Here are 5 quick tips for managing stress during the holidays:

1. ) Understand that your schedule may change. There is a lot to do during the holidays. Once you realize that and accept it, you’ll be better able to cope when your normal routines take a hit. Schedules are bound to be rattled. Workouts, your daily jog, your weekly poker game – free time in general – all might take a hit. Conversely though, trying to maintain a semblance of your normal routines can do wonders to help with holiday stress.

2. ) Don’t overindulge in alcohol. It’s easy to get carried away at holiday parties. Be careful! If you’re a police officer, you know the law better than anyone if you get behind the wheel after a few drinks. Have a good time, but think about your safety and those around you. Also, consider your actions while at company or department parties – you have a reputation to uphold! And naturally, those drinks add up if you’re trying to maintain a diet or exercise regimen throughout the holidays.

3. ) Watch the food! Don’t want to be making January resolutions about your extra weight? Don’t want to put another notch in your duty belt or have to buy new uniform pants? Then don’t overindulge on all of the goodies that are sure to be served up. This is not easy to do of course! But if you make a conscious decision to hold back a little throughout the holidays, you’ll be better off when the calendar flips to 2012.

4. ) Set a budget. Worried about overspending during the holidays? Most people do. Everyone gets caught up in the holiday spirit of gift giving and generosity. Eating out increases. At the same time, the increased spending can create financial worry. It’s best to set a budget and attempt to stay close to those goals. Not extending beyond your financial comfort zone now will help when January bills come in.

5. ) Enjoy the season for what it is. This is really a magical time of the year. Spend it with family and friends. Take note of community activities. Take your children to see lights. The holidays are about enjoying happiness and the community of others. The pure enjoyment of the season should help melt away stress and burden – not add to it.

Hopefully these holiday health tips will help keep you stress free and energized. If you can’t manage all 5 tips, try to focus on the one or two that make the most sense for you.

Looking for some other helpful ideas?

Shop online: stay out of the stores and let the UPS man do the heavy lifting!

Buy pre-made cookies, cakes and pie crusts: These can save you time in the kitchen, plus you can still decorate or add personal touches.

Go with a fake Christmas tree: It may be sacrilege to some, but a fake tree requires less work and can be used for many years.

Carve out a date night with your spouse or special someone: Finding time to relax without the worry of all your other commitments helps to keep you grounded during the holidays.

What ideas do you have for keeping the holiday’s stress free?

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