Why Tactical Pants Are a Must Have for Any Public Safety Professional

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Why Tactical Pants Are a Must Have for Any Public Safety Professional

Ok – we really like pants here at Galls – especially tactical pants.

We like tactical pants so much inTactical Pants for Public Safety, Police, Firefighters, EMS fact that we originally considered other titles for this post including “Why Tactical Pants Are a Lifesaver” or “Why Tactical Pants Are More Enjoyable Than Your Spouse” but thought those statement were just a little misleading.

And so we settled on “Must Have” – we think that works!

Suffice to say, we really like tactical pants. We believe in them.

We think our suppliers (like 5.11 Tactical, Elbeco, Tru-Spec and others) make high quality pants that are reliable, durable and of good overall value.

Importantly, we also know that our customers love tactical pants (perhaps even more than we do).

So, what makes a good pair of tactical pants?

As we’ve said, a good pair are durable – they can take a beating and hold up to multiple washings. Also, they’re reliable – the zippers won’t break, the seams won’t rip, the bottom cuffs won’t fray, etc. Also, cost of the pant is relatively equal to the quality – most tactical pants will cost between $39.00 and $59.00. That’s pretty good investment for a something you’re going to rely on week to week and month after month.

But what else should you look for in a pair of tactical pants?

  • Fade resistance
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Finishes (like Teflon) that help repel dirt, stains, etc.
  • Lightweight fabrics
  • Multiple functionality
  • Lots of convenient pockets (for holding all those things you have to carry)

*note: not every pair of tactical pants will offer the same features. It’s best to look a variety of options to see which pants best suit your needs.

Occasionally you’ll see some words that describe our tactical pants – what does it all mean?

What does fully gusseted mean? It means the pants are reinforced (usually in the crotch) with a little more fabric for better movement and durability.

What is ripstop fabric? It means your pants are specifically built to be more resistant to ripping and tearing.

Nano Fluid Repellency? It helps keep liquids and other fluids from seeping into your pants.

What is a French Fly? It’s just a way of constructing the fly on a pair of pants to relieve stress on the zipper and button while also allowing for a ‘flatter front’.

Double Stitch / Triple Stitch? Extra stitching equals less opportunity for fabric to tear. You usually see this in areas of the pant that have the most movement – like the crotch area, around pockets and at the knees.

What are bartacks? Bartacks are small and supplemental stitches that make sewn products stronger.

Why an elastic waist? An elastic waist allows for faster dressing as well as not having to rely on a belt. They can also be more comfortable.

What does tactical mean? See our blog post about what tactical means…

*note: if you ever read something about our pants – or any of our products – please email or call us. We’ll be happy to walk you through our product attributes.

To see some tactical pants in action, watch this video on 5.11 TacLite Pro Mens Ripstop Pants:



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