Happy Father’s Day from Galls!

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Happy Father’s Day from Galls!

Happy Father’s Day from all of us here at Galls!

We hope you have an enjoyable day whether you’re with family, friend or co-workers.

Yes, many of you will be working today as your jobs extend beyond the boundaries of a typical 9 – 5 position. Galls thanks all of you – whether it’s your day off or you’re at work.

In an informal poll we ran on Facebook yesterday, we asked how you would be spending your Father’s Day. Here are the results (from 107 responses as of 11am EST on Father’s Day):

  • Working: 55 votes
  • Firing Up The Grill: 18 votes
  • What Dad?: 10 votes
  • Being With Family & Friends: 10 votes
  • At The Shooting Range: 3 votes
  • Enjoying the Great Outdoors: 3 votes
  • Alone: 2 votes
  • Out of My Father’s Hair All Day: 1 vote
  • With My Son: 1 vote
  • Cleaning The House: 1 vote
  • Firing Up The Fire Pit: 1 vote
  • With My Girls: 1 vote
  • At a Ballgame: 1 vote

And here are some actual comments from you (thanks for sharing):

  • “Going to the Diamondbacks vs. White Sox Game”
  • “Getting some R and R, me thinks!”
  • “Visit with my father…whose late wife is no longer with us…RIP mom…”
  • “Most likely solo-cycle, after spending some clean-up & TLC time with the bike. Just back from shop so I have to check it over carefully to see what they ‘forgot to tighten’…”

Regardless of how you spend your day, we’re thinking of you here at Galls. Thanks for all you do.

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